How it's Work

Awesome Feature of Admin Panel's

Admin Login

Admin login through Admin Panel to manage the users of the offices or admin can view the details of visitors

Add Offices

Admin can add muliple offices also able to delete or updated them.

Office Administrator

Admin can add office administrator how is able to view the detail of his office visitors & view Reports


Admin have complete access to view the reports of the all offices or view separately also can genrate PDF,Excel or Print.

Awesome Features of Android App

Office Admin Login

Office Admin login through to android app then able to add visitors informations.

Add Visitor

Admin Add Visitor informations & upload it on server.

App Work Offline

No need to always connect with internet app is working withot internet when internet avalible it automaticaly sync data


Office Admin have complete access to view the reports only his office also can genrate PDF,Excel or Print.

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