Desktop Application Development Service

92it Solutions, considered as the unique name that is developing desktop apps and built-in functions for the customers in Pakistan. Desktop Development is a smart art, we can build many desktop apps, which can be used offline, you have no need to access your internet it can work offline. The Desktop Development is the division of an operating system from the client, which uses to access it. For instance, when you pull up Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS on your personal machine, you are running an OS that is attached to its client (in this case, the computer) and is supported by the hardware and software of that PC/Mac.

However, in a virtualized development, the OS is not so strongly paired with the client.

92it solutions have built many desktop apps, which are more easy-to-read and smart to reduce human effort. Our Company always tries to be more authentic in our point, explaining to you the entire main theme about our corresponding work for you. The main idea of the Desktop App is to kill the waste of time and cut off development cost.

We like to work in different frameworks like Visual Basic development, C+ development, VB.NET development, ASP.NET development, Adobe AIR, JAVA Development - Swing and other technologies.

Our motto is that our customers should feel free while using our app, website, or any other software because if you are not satisfied then it’s a burden for us.

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