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Information Details

  • Case Name: Web & Mobile App Development
  • Country: Pakistan
  • Client: Indigo Heights
  • Duration: 1 Month
  • Status: Published

Lead Management System Detail

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Tools and technologies used with reasoning
In our project everyone will work in parallel and we are going to use the following tools to develop this app.
1. Android Studio
The latest tool for developing an Android app is Android Studio and that’s why we are developing our app on this tool.
2. Microsoft Project Professional 2013
This tool will required in our project to create our time Strategy.
3. Java Development Kit
We will have to install jdk as a pre requisite of android studio.
4. Adobe Photoshop
This tool will required for design splash screen, background, logo etc. 
5. Microsoft Word
This tool will required for documentation of our project.
6. GenyMotion
We will use this tool in our project for testing our app in different screen sizes and resolution.
7. Visual Studio
This is best tool for develop an admin panel by using C# with MVC. That’s why we use develop our admin panel on this tool.
8. Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. We Use mssql to handle our database.

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